Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yesterday, Once more - Evergreen Burmans

The Concert:
 This being the 75th Anniversary Year of Sachin Dev Burman's First Recording as a Music Director (Rajgee - 1936) & 5th decade of Father and Son combination we at Maam Entertainment and IndianStage decided to pay tribute to this glorious duo through UNWIND BURMANS in our series 'Yesterday, Once more'... concerts.

Classic Hindi film songs are all over radio and television, wooing and wowing young and old alike

Even classics reissued by music companies were being lapped up with the eagerness of television sets during the 2011 Cricket World Cup.

REWIND .....Old is suddenly Gold. All over, it's Yesterday Once More

The musical revolution isn't just about 50-plus citizens on an audio overdrive. Teenagers in college canteens, young mall rats on stairways sharing iPods, even a quiet girl on the Metro - all seem to be falling in love with melodies that their parents, even grandparents, first fell in love with.

Yesterday, Once More... EVERGREEN BURMANS' featuring Amit Kumar & Sumit Kumar( Sons of Kishore Kumar) and Original Musicians of R.D.Burman ( Kishore Sodha, Raj Sodha and Franko Vaaz) is an IndianStage - Maam Entertainment joint production.

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